12 Best Juice Bars In Canada

instagram.com/wildandraw Wild and Raw (Calgary, AB) Think twice about grabbing a big, calorie-ridden frappucino from the Starbucks across the street and perhaps opt for a more fulfilling drink from Wild and Raw. Stay cool in the summer heat with the “Berry Spicy Kapha,” a unique blend of Saskatoon berries, beets, ginger, lemon and cayenne pepper for…

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collage wild and raw 4What inspired you to open up Wild and Raw?

Oh man! It’s been part personal journey and part experience and education. Traveling and going to all of these different places in India opened me up to the world of Ayurveda, and spending time in Bali opened my eyes and developed my taste buds for live, fresh foods like kombucha and superfoods. I want to bring it all home to Canada.

Learning about Ayurveda in Southern India (Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu), I started the practice of connecting my mind, body, spirit into food and into practice, and learning how to heal your body with food. I did a holistic self-evolution course with yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic elements while in India—so cooking and healing with medicine.

WHyyc @ Wild & Raw

imagine this: it’s the break of dawn, you pull on your red rubber boots & oversized windbreaker. you gather your locally-made handwoven basket, packed with nourishing whole superfoods; brazil nuts, goji berries, mulberries & toasted coconut. the perfect nosh for an afternoon of foraging. as the sun rises, you set out into the foothills of Alberta, with the intention of filling your pantry shelves with seeds, herbs, mushrooms & other foods from the great outdoors.

We all try our best to source locally & eat our superfoods (particularly cacao nibs & toasted coconut chips). But with so many superfoods to choose from,  navigating your local health foods store can be a daunting task. & we don’t know about your, but this little foraging adventure we described isn’t our ideal Saturday morning (we’re more whole grain pancakes in bed & spin class kinda gals in the winter).