SUN JUICE (Morning Drink) :: A proprietary Bava blend of Pineapple*, Grapefruit*, Orange*, Kiwi*, Ginger*, Crystal Sea Salt

*Denotes ORGANIC ingredients

Rise and shine to the liquid gold power of the Sun, in a bottle. Begin your morning and awaken from the inside out with an energizing and activating twist on a morning glass of classic OJ. Sun Juice stimulates digestion, supercharges cells, delivers live enzymes and encourages release of toxins from the body’s vital organs.


EARTH JUICE (Afternoon Drink) :: A proprietary Bava blend Kale*, Spinach*, Celery*, Green Apple*, Cucumber*, Limes*, Fresh Mint*, Dandelion Greens*, E3Live*

*Denotes ORGANIC ingredients

Once you’ve hit lunch time it’s time for the Green Drink. With its alkalinizing properties this drink will carry you clear-minded deep into your evening. Harness the energy of the sun with powerful phytonutrients and greens, this drink will have you glowing from inside out in no time.


MOON JUICE (Evening Drink) :: A proprietary Bava blend of Beet*, Carrot*, Jewel Yam*, Red Apples*, Raspberry*, Lemon*, Turmeric Root*

*Denotes ORGANIC ingredients

Set with the sun; ground down into the earth and deep into your body with the MOON JUICE. This rooting juice offers plenty of nourishing, detoxifying and grounding properties to help cleanse out the old and make space for the new. MOON JUICE is rich in nutrients, vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties, which will deeply nourish you and offer gentle detoxification.


SUPERNOVA (Detox Elixir) :: A proprietary Bava blend of Lemon*, Cranberry*, Schizandra Berry*

*Denotes ORGANIC ingredients

Drink plenty of water + enhance with the Supernova. Each cleanse kit is equipped with the Supernova Detox Elixir, comprised of Lemon-Cranberry w/ added Schizandra berry for maximum cleansing and purifying potential.  It will make it a bit tart, but these ingredients will start to shift your pH, help your kidneys to eliminate toxins, clear your skin, liver and eyes, and build your immunity. Drink a minimum of 2 additional liters or more of water per day in addition to the juices. The more hydrated you are, the easier it is for your body to pass along all the nasty toxins you’ve been afraid to let go.


Mylkyway (Nut Milk):

Raw Sprouted Almonds*, Dates*, Vanilla Bean*, Cinnamon*, Cardamom*, Crystal Sea Salt

*Denotes ORGANIC ingredients

At the end of your Bava day we have one more thing for you. Like a nice warm blanket, jump into the Mylkyway of satisfaction. You have been supplied with 1.5L of nut milk, so we recommend 500 mls (2 cups) per evening. Heat your nut milk up on the stove until it reaches your desired temperature, cuddle up with your cleansing self and enjoy! The nut milk has valuable oils, herbs and vitamins to settle you into a good nights sleep.