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At Wild & Raw, we aim to reconnect everyone to the nature of the human mind, body and spirit with our superfood based creations that fuel, heal and nourish today’s modern warrior. Our foundation: seeking and providing sustainably sourced ingredients, from root to leaf, that purify the body and please the palate. Our intention: crafting visually stunning drinks that taste great and leaving you feeling euphoric.

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All our menu items are packaged and delivered in compostable, earth-friendly EcoCups.

Fresh-Pressed Juices

The OG (Original Green)

Get greened up, straight from the feet up. This juice is our version of Popeye’s supercharged spinach of the 21st century. A powerful mouth-watering blend of nutrient dense greens Spinach + Kale + Spirulina and detox duo Celery + Green Apple go hand in hand with Orange + Lemon to brighten you up from the inside out.

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Blended Shakes

Euphoric Elixirs


Treats & Snacks